Book Talk — Frank Costigliola on Kennan: A Life Between Worlds

April 26, 2023
11:00 am - 12:00 pm
Zoom Webinar

In his magnificent new biography, Kennan: A Life Between Worlds, Frank Costigliola paints a complex portrait of the fabled American diplomat, contrasting the rational realism he applied to US dealings with Russia and the world with the emotional turmoil in his professional and personal lives. Does Kennan’s experience offer lessons for contemporary Americans in our complex dealings with Russia and a changing world order?

To examine this questions and more, the Quincy Institute will host a discussion between Costigliola and George Beebe, Grand Strategy Director at the Quincy Institute.


Frank Costigliola
Frank Costigliola is a Board of Trustees Distinguished Professor of History at the University of Connecticut. His books include Kennan: A Life Between Worlds, The Kennan Diaries, and Roosevelt’s Lost Alliances (Princeton). He raises grass-fed beef cattle in Storrs, Connecticut.
George Beebe
George Beebe is Director of Grand Strategy at the Quincy Institute. He spent more than two decades in government as an intelligence analyst, diplomat, and policy advisor, including as director of the CIA’s Russia analysis and as a staff advisor on Russia matters to Vice President Cheney. His book, The Russia Trap: How Our Shadow War with Russia Could Spiral into Nuclear Catastrophe (2019), warned how the United States and Russia could stumble into a dangerous military confrontation.