John Bolton has a habit of toppling leaders but having no replacement in mind

Imagine writing a bestseller to derail a president’s reelection bid without two seconds of thought about whom you’ll vote for instead?

Welcome to the world of John Bolton, Trump’s ex-National Security Advisor notorious for using his Washington elite perch over the past several decades to push needless American wars from South America to the Levant, Persian Gulf, and Korean Peninsula.

After getting sacked by his boss last year for seemingly trying to start World War III, Bolton has penned a tell-all insider’s tome described as “the most damning written account by a Trump administration alumnus.”

Even before its official release this Tuesday, snippets of the book began to appear all over the internet. And of course, Bolton has been doing rounds on the interview circuit, sparing no chance to slam his former boss as corrupt and unfit for office.

“In 2016 I voted for Trump over Hillary Clinton,” Bolton told The Telegraph in an interview published Sunday. “Now, having seen this president up close, I cannot do this again. My concern is for the country, and he does not represent the Republican cause that I want to back.”

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