Overview – Letter from our Chairman

October 2023

“Peace in our time”? Not here by a long shot. Violence continues to afflict the planet, frequently victimizing the most vulnerable. From my time as a young army lieutenant serving in Vietnam more than a half-century ago, it has seemed to me that the United States is almost continually either at war or issuing punitive threats.

So the Quincy Institute as a proponent of restraint as a basic principle of U.S. foreign policy has its work cut out for it. Both the ongoing wars in Ukraine and Israel/Palestine and the growing calls for a full-fledged Cold War with China provide daily reminders of the challenges to peace. For that very reason, I take particular pride in QI’s ongoing efforts to reorient U.S. policy in a less confrontational direction.

We are a young organization – a recent arrival in the universe of Washington think tanks. Yet in the very short time of its existence, QI has already succeeded in establishing itself as a respected and influential voice both within Washington and with the wider public. That success is a tribute to the vision and leadership provided by Lora Lumpe, our CEO, and Trita Parsi, our executive vice president. More broadly, it is a tribute to the talents and commitment of the very capable and highly motivated team they have assembled.

The road ahead promises to be challenging. But the cause of reorienting U.S. policy away from war and militarism and toward engagement, diplomacy and peaceful coexistence is a worthy one. It is a great personal privilege for me to be associated with this undertaking. Thank you for your support.

Andrew Bacevich

Conflict of Interest

We embrace transparency and active avoidance of practices that might create an appearance of conflicts of interest in order to maintain the the credibility of the Quincy Institute’s work.

  • QI discloses all donors $5,000 and above on its website.
  • QI does not accept funding from foreign governments.
  • QI staff do not accept honoraria from foreign governments.
  • In certain cases, QI staff may accept in-kind support from foreign governments to attend conferences, convenings, and roundtable meetings, with approval from QI management.
  • All staff and outside contributors to QI and RS are asked to disclose their advisory roles in political campaigns when publishing material on QI or RS that directly addresses the candidate or campaign.
  • QI staff will disclose potential conflicts of interest (including their advisory roles in political campaigns) in all work products, including those published in outside publications.
  • Each time QI or its magazine, Responsible Statecraft, commissions a work product, the author will be required to disclose funding from any government that may reasonably be seen to benefit from the work product’s recommendations.
  • A link to QI’s policy on funding sources and transparency will be published in every QI report alongside any relevant disclosures made by authors.

List of Donors

The Quincy Institute is grateful to the generous donors who make possible our efforts to fundamentally transform U.S. foreign policy away from endless war preparation and war making. We thank all who have supported the Quincy Institute since its launch in late 2019. Below is a list of all who have contributed to the Quincy Institute in the past twelve months. We update this list every six months and add any new donations of $250,000 or above on a rolling basis.

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$500k – Above

  • Peaceshares Fund
  • Shagbark Hickory Fund at Fidelity Charitable
  • Stand Together Trust
  • Michael J. Zak

$250k – $499k

  • Carnegie Corporation of New York
  • Ford Foundation
  • Pivotal Foundation – F. Francis Najafi
  • Salkind Family Fund
  • Stichting Giustra International Foundation

$100k – $249k

  • Bluebell Foundation
  • Colombe Peace Foundation
  • Fong Family Foundation
  • Nasiri Foundation
  • Open Society Foundations
  • Rockefeller Brothers Fund
  • Katrina vanden Heuvel

$50k – $99k

  • The Amersi Foundation
  • The Arca Foundation
  • East West Bank Foundation
  • William and Mary Greve Foundation
  • Brian Hinchcliffe
  • Open Society Policy Center
  • Ploughshares Fund

$25k – $49k

$10k – $24k

  • The van Agtmael Family Charitable Fund
  • Andrew and Nancy Bacevich
  • Bond Charitable Gift Fund
  • Beverly Dale
  • Keker Family Foundation
  • Rennels Forsyth Charitable Fund
  • Joseph de Rivera
  • Samuel Rubin Foundation
  • James & Ann Shea
  • John Strand
  • The Streisand Foundation

$5k – $9k

  • Amalgamated Foundation
  • Shaun Barnes
  • Cheryl Burack
  • Sally Donnelly
  • James Fitzgerald
  • The Lu Foundation
  • Integrity Media
  • Catherine Lutz
  • Jonathan Marshall & Lorraine Goldin
  • Rauch Foundation
  • Ahmad Shams
  • John Strand
  • Terrence “Lee” Zehrer