The US military’s role in a contested election
QI hosts a discussion on what, if any, role the U.S. military should have in a contested presidential election
The 2020 election and America’s foreign policy crisis: A conversation with Stephen Wertheim and Elizabeth Shackelford
Progressive Security Working Group at Columbia University hosts QI's Stephen Wertheim and Lizzy Shackelford
Empire in crisis: A teach-in and symposium on US imperialism today
QI to co-sponsor teach-in on U.S. imperialism with Brooklyn Institute, Costs of War, DSA International, and more
US-Pakistan counterterrorism cooperation beyond Afghanistan
Join QI for a virtual discussion on the future of U.S.-Pakistan security cooperation
How the United States decided to dominate the world
QI's Stephen Wertheim to discuss his new book "Tomorrow, the World" in virtual talk with LSE
The regional impact of intra-Afghan talks
Virtual discussion on the regional implications of talks between the Taliban and the Afghan government
The presidency and endless war
QI's Stephen Wertheim to appear at Miller Center event on endless war
What’s a state-sponsored assassination between friends? Reckoning with the murder of Jamal Khashoggi and its implications for US-Saudi relations two years later
QI and Showtime host a discussion on the implications of the Jamal Khashoggi assassination for U.S.-Saudi relations
Where do we go from here? A conversation with Senator Chris Murphy
QI hosts a conversation between Andrew Bacevich and U.S. Senator Chris Murphy of Connecticut
Virtual book talk: Re-Targeting Iran hosted by IPS
Institute for Policy Studies hosts a conversation on a new book, Re-Targeting Iran, with author David Barsamian
The Israel-UAE-Bahrain-US deal: Causes and implications of normalization
The Jerusalem Fund hosts discussion on normalization of ties between the UAE, Bahrain, and Israel
U.S. policy on Syria: Is regime change worth state failure?
QI to host virtual panel on the future of U.S. policy in Syria and the proposals of Steven Simon's latest report