In Search of Monsters — War in Yemen

This episode of In Search of Monsters focuses on the seven-year war in Yemen. Host Chris Lydon is joined by QI Research Fellow and Yemen expert Annelle Sheline. She starts with this: “Yemen is the war we can stop.” It is called the worst humanitarian catastrophe on the planet, and yet it gets scant news coverage. It is older than Ukraine’s war and vicious in its own way, an autocrat’s war much deadlier than Russia’s hammering of Ukraine. It also is a mismatch: Saudi oil wealth pounding the poorest nation in the Arab world, and using American planes dropping American bombs to do the pounding.

Chris is also joined by Shireen Al-Adeimi, a young Yemeni-American professor at Michigan State University. She shares this view of the war, particularly the United States’ culpability and its urgent need for policy correction and cessation of Saudi support.

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