In Search of Monsters – The Maelstrom of Geopolitics

On this installment of In Search of Monsters, host Chris Lydon speaks with retired diplomat and writer Chas Freeman. In the coming world order, Freeman is telling us that great empires like the United States have lost their grip. China is still rising, and lesser powers too. The US is still hooked on primacy and still number one, but only in firepower. We’re out of joint with much of the world and, seemingly with ourselves.

The legend of Chas Freeman derives from his time in Beijing 50 years ago. As a young Foreign Service officer, he served as the interpreter between Richard Nixon and Mao Zedong, as part of the breakthrough detente between China and the United States. Even then, Freeman was a master of languages, history, strategy, and diplomacy. A great career ensued, and it isn’t over. He’s a writer and lecturer online now, often sharper and more believable than the news media regarding the quasi-war between the United States and China, the focus of this installment.

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