Anne Kraatz is a Non Resident Fellow at the Quincy Institute and was until recently a Senior Fellow at the Institut Open Diplomacy, a French think tank. She obtained her MA from the EHESS and her Doctorate from the EPHE of the Sorbonne University, with high honors. A dual French American citizen, she was an elected member of the Executive Committee of Democrats Abroad France in charge of organizing and moderating public debates on US foreign affairs with many academics and high ranking military and civilian officials from France, the US, Afghanistan, Russia, and more. As a result, Anne was and continues to be a very frequent contributor to television debates; since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, she has logged in more than 500 hours on various networks (LCI, BFM tvm France INfo, etc.) on the subject. In 2019, she joined the French think tank Institut Open Diplomacy in charge of American affairs and produced a number of articles for its newsletter and other media on topics ranging from Multilateralism, the need for a new diplomacy, the semiconductor problem, Chinese xenophobia in the US, Atlanticism under the Biden administration, etc.

Anne Kraatz has published several books in French on the history of textiles (translated in several languages including Japanese), the history of Franco-Russian trade, the history of Papal courts in the Renaissance, and a shortened and simplified version of her doctoral thesis on neoplatonism in late 15th century Florence. Her latest book is a biography of the American financier JPMorgan.