Brandon Carr is a Studies Associate at the Quincy Institute, previously serving as a Special Assistant and Non-Resident Fellowship Coordinator. He earned a B.A. in Political Science from The George Washington University, graduating Summa Cum Laude, and an MPhil in International Relations from the University of Oxford, earning honors in his first year. He previously studied at Oxford as a Visiting Student from 2014-2015.

His areas of research include U.S. grand strategy, strategic studies, the politics and foreign policy of East Asia, and international relations theory. Perception, alliance dynamics, and American involvement in Vietnam are of particular interest. His thesis at Oxford was titled “The Nixon Doctrine: A Case Study of U.S. Foreign Policy and Retrenchment During the Cold War.”

Prior to joining QI, Brandon worked in federal management consulting, helping FEMA conduct exercises to hone its response to terrorist attacks, natural disasters, and other emergencies. Brandon also interned at the Stimson Center, the Institute for the Study of War, and on Capitol Hill. He is a volunteer with the American Red Cross.