Transparency and Conflict of Interest

The Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft has a strict policy against self-dealing, the awarding of contracts to employees or their relatives.

We embrace transparency and active avoidance of practices that might create an appearance of conflicts of interest in order to maintain the credibility of QI’s work.

QI Follows These Guidelines:

  • QI discloses all donors $5,000 and above on its website.
  • QI does not accept funding from foreign governments.
  • QI staff do not accept honoraria from foreign governments.
  • In certain cases, QI staff may accept in-kind support from foreign governments to attend conferences, convenings, and roundtable meetings, with approval from QI management.
  • All staff and outside contributors to QI and RS are asked to disclose their advisory roles in political campaigns when publishing material on QI or RS that directly addresses the candidate or campaign.
  • QI staff will disclose potential conflicts of interest (including their advisory roles in political campaigns) in all work products, including those published in outside publications.
  • Each time QI or RS commissions a work product, the author will be required to disclose funding from any government that may reasonably be seen to benefit from the work product’s recommendations.
  • A link to QI’s policy on funding sources and transparency will be published in every QI report alongside any relevant disclosures made by authors.