The Ukraine “Peace Summit”

Join us for an assessment of the Ukraine “peace summit” in Switzerland.

John Mearsheimer,
Anne Kraatz,
Daniel Larison and
Anatol Lieven

What I Want You to Know

The documentary “What I Want You to Know” is a heartbroken love letter from 13 Iraq and Afghan veterans to

Capt. Tommy Furlong,
Sgt. Travis Weiner,
Catie Foertsch and
Gregory Daddis

East Meets West

In the lead-up to the Biden-Xi meeting at the APEC summit in San Francisco in November 2023, the Quincy Institute and Foreign Policy held a series of conversations with experts and leaders on the state of U.S.-China relations and potential pathways forward to avoid a confrontation.

Andrew Bacevich,
Sarang Shidore,
Joyce Chang,
Ravi Agrawal,
Senator Chris Van Hollen,
Rep. Adam Smith and

After the Ukrainian Counter-Offensive

It appears that this year’s Ukrainian counteroffensive, while it has made certain gains, has fallen far short of the hopes

Daniel Davis,
Rajan Menon,
Margarita Konaev and
Anatol Lieven (Moderator)

Book Talk: Getting Russia Right

In his exceptional new book Getting Russia Right, Thomas Graham, a former senior US diplomat with a generation’s experience of

Thomas Graham and
Anatol Lieven (Moderator)

Book Talk: Liberalism Against Itself

Is it time to let go of Cold War-era liberalism? This is the argument that Professor Samuel Moyn makes in his

Elizabeth Beavers,
Samuel Moyn and
Anatol Lieven (Moderator)

Two Years of Diplomacy with the Taliban

Almost two years ago, the Afghan government and security forces collapsed even before the final U.S. soldier left Afghanistan. The

Tripp Copeland,
Jonathan Schroden,
Shkula Zadran and
Adam Weinstein (Moderator)

Libya: Prospects for Stability

In the 12 years since a NATO airstrike led to Muammar Gadhafi’s death at the hands of rebel fighters, Libya

Emaddedin Badi,
Mary Fitzgerald,
Ben Fishman and
Steven Simon (Moderator)

BRICS and the Global South’s Assertion

A webinar jointly hosted by the Quincy Institute and the Brazilian Center for International Relations (CEBRI). On August 22nd, leaders

Sarang Shidore,
David Monyae,
Marta Fernández and
Feliciano de Sá Guimarães (Moderator)

The Coup in Niger and U.S. Policy in the Sahel

On July 26th, a military coup led by General Abdourahmane Tchiani deposed elected Nigerien President Mohamed Bazoum. This has triggered

Stephanie Savell,
Adekeye Adebajo,
Hannah Rae Armstrong and
Alex Thurston (Moderator)