The Ukraine “Peace Summit”

Join us for an assessment of the Ukraine “peace summit” in Switzerland.

John Mearsheimer,
Anne Kraatz,
Daniel Larison and
Anatol Lieven

Whither U.S. Syria Policy?

The Arab League decision to readmit Syria and the circulation of a bill in the House of Representatives meant to

William Roebuck,
Mara Revkin,
James F. Jeffrey,
Joshua Landis and
Steven Simon (Moderator)

The Search for a Ceasefire in Ukraine

Whatever the outcome of the planned Ukrainian counter-offensive, calls for a ceasefire in Ukraine are likely to increase later this

Thomas Graham,
Miriam Pemberton,
Anatol Lieven,
Jeffrey Sachs and
George Beebe (Moderator)

Finally Fixing FARA?

In an era of heightened foreign influence in the U.S. political process, the Quincy Institute will host a public webinar

Matt Duss,
Hailey Fuchs,
David Laufman and
Ben Freeman (Moderator)

Dark Money in U.S. Foreign Policy

Undisclosed money from special interests seeking to influence U.S. foreign policy is emerging as a shared area of concern by

John Hudson,
Anna Massoglia,
Jonathan Guyer,
Brett Heinz and
Eli Clifton (Moderator)

Evergreen Lessons of the Iraq War Twenty Years Later

On March 19th, 2003, the U.S. invaded Iraq based on false claims of weapons of mass destruction. The invasion destabilized

Marsin Alshamary,
Michael O'Hanlon,
Steven Simon and
Adam Weinstein (Moderator)

The Future of Russia’s War in Ukraine

A year after Russia invaded Ukraine, the war continues to accrue appalling costs in lives and treasure with no end

George Beebe,
Ivo H. Daalder and
Jessica Tuchman Mathews (Moderator)

From Minsk to Lasting Peace in Ukraine

The political upheavals of 2014 in Ukraine and the simmering conflict that continued for eight years on Ukraine’s territory remain

Dominique Arel,
Jesse Driscoll and
Suzanne Loftus (Moderator)

Ukrainian Public Opinion and the War

As the war in Ukraine moves into a possibly critical phase with the likelihood of upcoming Ukrainian and Russian offensives,

Volodymyr Ishchenko,
Gerard Toal,
Albina Kovalyova and
Anatol Lieven (Moderator)