Press Release

71 Korean American Leaders Call on President Biden to Formally End the Korean War

March 17, 2021


CONTACT: Jessica Rosenblum, Quincy Institute, 202.279.0005/ [email protected]

Kathleen Richards, Women Cross DMZ, 510.418.0972/ [email protected] 

Washington, DC — 71 prominent Korean American leaders, representing diverse fields such as academia, business, and politics, have signed a letter calling on President Joe Biden to declare an official end to the Korean War. 

The letter, written by Christine Ahn of Women Cross DMZ, Dr. Kee B. Park of Harvard University, and Jessica J. Lee of the Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft, demonstrates strong public support for transformational change on the Korean Peninsula and the desire to bring about a peaceful resolution to the seven-decades long Korean War. 

An end-of-war declaration, the letter notes, would have significant and concrete implications for advancing the broader peace process. It would present an important step towards a peace agreement with North Korea, a measure supported by 67 percent of Americans, according to a 2019 poll by Data for Progress and YouGov.

In addition to reducing the risk of conflict on the peninsula, an end-of-war declaration could help reunite Korean American families who have been separated from their loved ones in North Korea for seven decades. 

“It is time for the Korean War to formally end,” Jessica J. Lee of the Quincy Institute stated. “President Biden should do what no U.S. president has done before: Declare the Korean War over and initiate a peace process to better protect U.S. interests in the region and usher in lasting peace on the peninsula.”

According to Dr. Kee B. Park, Director of the Korea Health Policy Project at Harvard Medical School, “By declaring the end of the Korean War, President Biden would be signaling his intentions for a diplomatic path toward sustainable peace on the Korean Peninsula — something most Koreans and the majority of Americans want.”

“Nearly every Korean person has been impacted directly or indirectly by the Korean War, which claimed millions of lives and tore families apart,” stated Christine Ahn, Executive Director of Women Cross DMZ. “By finally ending this long and tragic war, President Biden can help bring closure and healing to so many Koreans and Americans.”