Webinar on-demand — The Liberal Order: Before Trump, and After



In a striking new book, “The False Promise of Liberal Order,” Patrick Porter argues that the U.S.-led order is inherently illiberal, and that its mythmakers flatter themselves while creating antagonisms around the world.


Porter, a Quincy Institute fellow and chair in international security and strategy at the University of Birmingham, opens up a vital conversation about the past and future of U.S. grand strategy and the alternatives to America’s post-1945 dispensation.


Turning from criticism to action, the panel discussed what should replace the liberal order, on which its detractors disagree.


If the United States were to stop pursuing armed dominance globally, what should replace primacy? Should the United States focus its resources on great power competition? Should it seek to contain China? Or should it seek broader cooperation in an increasingly multipolar world?


The discussion took place  on Wednesday, June 17th, 2020 at 12 PM ET for “The Liberal Order: Before Trump, and After.” Panelists included author Patrick PorterEmma Ashford, research fellow at the Cato Institute; and Professor Michael Lind of the University of Texas, Austin. The conversation was moderated by Quincy Institute Deputy Director for Research and Policy Stephen Wertheim.