No Time to Waste: Confronting the Threat of Climate Change

If we lose control of climate change completely, the conditions unleashed will be so catastrophic that no organized society or country on Earth will survive – not even the United States. So why do political leaders seem unwilling or unable to do what’s necessary to prioritize our security at home?

It’s because they’re fixated on “authoritarian threats” posed by countries like China and Russia — barrelling toward a new Cold War — a policy choice that will only empower politicians and corporations who thrive on the drum beats of war. This distracts from confronting climate chaos and hampers efforts to prevent the outcome we all fear, but it does line the pockets of a small handful with profits and campaign contributions. If we choose self-defeating military rivalries as the way we want to engage with the world, we’ll sink our resources into a fight that only serves the financial interests of a few – at the expense of all of us.