The Exit From the Ukraine Crisis That’s Hiding In Plain Sight

The crisis over Ukraine grows simultaneously more dangerous and more absurd. Russia has amassed more than 100,000 troops on the Ukrainian border, demanding that NATO not admit Ukraine and stop its expansion east. Russian officials want those demands answered immediately, but President Vladimir Putin also says he won’t make war.

The Biden administration warns of “imminent war,” yet Ukraine’s president tells the administration to calm down, that the false alarms are damaging the country’s economy. Even though President Biden, his two predecessors, Germany and France have made clear that Ukraine is not a national interest worth fighting for, the Biden administration refuses to tell the Russians that it won’t do what it has no intention of doing, even at the risk of armed conflict.

War is unimaginable.

The Russians would win any conventional clash but at a horrendous cost. The Ukrainians would suffer massive casualties and economic ruin. If the United States and Europe were to impose the sanctions that they are planning, the Russian people would suffer, but so would the French and especially the Germans, as Russia provides much of their energy supply.

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