In Search of Monsters — Russian Invasion

Russia has just launched an unequivocally illegal invasion into Ukraine. Just what is this crisis, though, and how did it catch us by surprise? It can feel like a panic attack about everything: the shock of naked force; the aggrieved autocrat in plain sight, doing his calculated thing, almost casual in his unilateral violence. In the mirror of Great Power behavior, it could remind you awkwardly of the American war of choice on Iraq, and the war on Serbia that created Kosovo. It looks also like a lethal Cold War germ that went dormant for decades but is back to remind us of the ragged borders that delivered peace in Europe, but not a shared sense of security. This In Search of Monsters installment brings on four guests for reaction: QI Grand Strategy Director George Beebe, Professor Monica Toft, writer John Lewis Gaddis, and journalist Masha Gessen.

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