A U.S.–Iran War At Last?

Washington hawks may get their war with Iran at last.

The chances are now greater than at any time since October 7 that Israel and Hezbollah will come to blows in a full-on war, and military and regional experts warn it could be uglier and more kinetic than in 2006, when a 34-day conflict killed upwards of 1300 Lebanese and 165 Israelis.

“The escalation is really significant and in my opinion we are really right now at a dangerous moment. [It] can basically move into an all out war at any time—any mistake, any miscalculation by either party can really push the confrontation which so far has been limited to border clashes,” said Randa Slim, who spoke this week to DW News in Germany, noting that Iran-backed militias in Iraq and Syria, part of the so-called “axis of resistance,” were already lining up and pledging military support

The Israeli government has been signaling all over the place that it may launch an operation against Hezbollah in Lebanon this summer—and that Iran won’t be far behind.