Afghanistan Withdrawal: Adam Weinstein Counters Criticism of America’s ‘Standing in the World’

Contrary to some of the scathing criticism the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan has received across the world, Adam Weinstein, a Research Fellow at the Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft, takes issue “with the argument that it has been a big stain on U.S. credibility.” Mr. Weinstein offers a completely different perspective on the rapidly unfolding events in Afghanistan, applauding President Biden for ending what has been deemed “an unwinnable war.” Nevertheless, Mr. Weinstein does support the widespread criticism that “throughout the Trump and the Biden administrations, there could have been more communication to keep NATO partners in the loop.” Speaking to France 24, Mr. Weinstein sums up the stunning turn of events in the following terms: “I don’t think remaining in protracted conflicts that last two decades is a way to enhance U.S. credibility or standing in the world.”