Quincy Institute Welcomes New Board Members and Staff

Additions bring leadership and expertise on the intersection of racial justice and militarism, climate security, journalism, the defense industry, and more. 

WASHINGTON, DC — Today, the Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft (QI) announced the appointment of three nationally renowned new board members and the addition of two gifted policy scholars.

Joining the QI board are Katrina vanden Heuveleditorial director and publisher of the Nation; Jessica Tuchman Mathews, distinguished fellow at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, where she served as president for 18 years; and Pastor Michael McBride, Founder and Lead Pastor of The Way Church in Berkeley, CA and director of the LIVE FREE campaign.  They will join a national, transpartisan board that includes retired military officers and ambassadors, business and philanthropic leaders, and distinguished academics. 

“The Quincy Institute is honored to welcome these three accomplished leaders to our board, each of which brings a national profile and following” said Quincy Institute President and Board Chair Andrew Bacevich. “Katrina, Jessica, and Pastor Mike bring strength in journalism, policy formulation, scholarship and advocacy. They are leaders, having dedicated their lives to building a more just and peaceful world. We are thrilled that they will share their wisdom, experience, and vision with the Quincy Institute” 

“The pursuit of global military dominance and the belief that America ought to police the world have been catastrophic for our foreign policy and corrosive for our democracy,” vanden Heuvel said. “I look forward to working with the Quincy Institute to challenge these ideas and offer an alternative vision based on real, peaceful international engagement.”

“Since the Cold War ended, America’s growing reliance on military intervention has led us to neglect diplomacy as a means of solving international problems,” Mathews said. “ I am excited to join the Quincy Institute in working to put capable and vigorous diplomacy back at the center of U.S. foreign policy.”

“Dr. King described the triplets of evil as racism, militarism and economic exploitation. For too long, we have ignored the impact that our militaristic foreign policy has had on communities — especially poor communities and communities of color — here at home,” Pastor McBride said, “The Quincy Institute understands the importance of making that connection, and I stand ready to help the Quincy Institute create a truly democratic foreign policy centered on the needs of the American people.”

In addition, Ben Freeman, an expert in how foreign governments work to influence American government and politics, and William Hartung, author of several books and a prolific researcher and writer, and effective communicator on America’s arms industry, military spending, and arms sales, will join the Quincy Institute’s growing research staff at the beginning of 2022.

“Bill Hartung and Ben Freeman will further strengthen QI’s research and communication efforts by exposing the special interests that currently shape America’s militaristic foreign policy, and identifying solutions to help reorient U.S. foreign policy around American interests,” said Quincy Institute CEO Lora Lumpe

Founded in 2019, the Quincy Institute is an action-oriented think tank that seeks to make peace the norm and war the exception in U.S. foreign policy.