The Ukraine War and Eurasian Security

This week Ukraine is on my mind. It will take a couple of columns to explain where we are, why what happens in Europe is important, and how to think about the future. Today I want to talk about the dangerous road we are currently on.

We are holding our breath waiting for the “spring offensive,” that might be more of a “summer offensive.” Or not at all. Worrying that the World-War-I-like slog from trench to trench will go on forever, costing lives and treasure Ukrainians will need to recover, sacrificing thousands of Russian lives, and devastating Ukrainian cities.

I think Americans are tiring of this war. A growing number of Republicans want to end US assistance to Kiev; so do some on the left. It’s just not our business say some; it has become too deadly, say others.

Here’s the thing. Achieving peace and security in the 9,000 kilometers from Brest to Vladivostok has preoccupied war-makers and diplomats for more than two centuries.  The frequent conflicts in this region destabilize governments, create havoc and ruin, and draw in powers from outside the region, creating wider, even global tension.

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