Quincy Institute Launches New Program Focused on the Global South

WASHINGTON, DC – The Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft is proud to announce the launch of its Global South program, which will focus on U.S. engagement with the broad swath of the so-called developing world stretching from Latin America to Southeast Asia and the Pacific Islands and comprising the majority of the world’s population. 

“The growing geopolitical significance of rising Middle Powers in the Global South is undisputed, yet a solid understanding of this new dynamic is lacking in Washington,” said Trita Parsi, executive vice president of the Quincy Institute. “Quincy’s Global South program will help fill this gap.”

The new program’s objective is to help fashion a new bargain between the United States and the Global South to strengthen relations with the vast region in less militarized ways — in part by bringing their voices and perspectives into Washington’s policy making spheres.

The Global South has drawn renewed focus in the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which has exposed declining U.S. influence and serious deficiencies in U.S. engagement with Global South states. The Quincy Institute’s Global South program will work to fashion a new U.S. bargain with the developing world, including its middle powers, better aligned with the interests of both.

“Practically all states in the Global South are independent actors that do not want to be forced to choose between allying with the United States or China and Russia,” said Sarang Shidore, the director of Global South program. “They also seek more forward-looking engagement on trade, investment, technology, and climate action as rule-makers, not just rule-takers. The United States needs to forge a reformed approach to deepen ties and enhance its influence in a sustainable way among the global majority.”