Ukrainian Public Opinion and the War

As the war in Ukraine moves into a possibly critical phase with the likelihood of upcoming Ukrainian and Russian offensives,

Volodymyr Ishchenko,
Gerard Toal,
Albina Kovalyova and
Anatol Lieven (Moderator)

As Lula Takes the Helm, Where Will U.S.-Brazil Ties Go?

Lula’s return, after a tumultuous election and a shocking attack by extremists on Brazilian parliament and Supreme Court, nevertheless opens

Filipe Nasser,
Claudia Antunes,
Andre Pagliarini and
Sarang Shidore (Moderator)

What Pakistan’s Climate Crisis Means for the World

This past summer and fall, Pakistan experienced unprecedented flooding, resulting in at least 1,500 deaths, 33 million affected people, and

Ambassador Masood Khan,
Steve Rynecki and
Adam Weinstein (Moderator)

The Paris Peace Accords: Lessons for Today?

On January 27, 1973 the Paris Peace Conference agreed to U.S. withdrawal of all troops and advisors from Vietnam, withdrawal

Carolyn Eisenberg,
Arnold Isaacs and
Andrew Bacevich (Moderator)

Is America Ready for a Multipolar World?

QI Previews the G20 “Is America Ready for a Multipolar World?” Monday, November 14 from 9AM – 11AM (EST) The

Celso Amorim,
Gérard Araud,
David Kang,
Kishore Mahbubani,
Naledi Pandor and
Katrina vanden Heuvel

The Pentagon, Climate Change, and War

The U.S. Department of Defense is the largest single energy consumer in the United States and the world’s largest institutional

Neta Crawford,
Jerry Brown and
John Tierney (Moderator)

Will Biden Finally Get Tough With Saudi Arabia?

After months of seeking to appease Saudi Arabia and its de facto ruler, Mohammed Bin Salman, the Biden administration has

Rep. Ro Khanna,
Bruce Riedel,
Annelle Sheline and
Trita Parsi (Moderator)